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Past Exhibitions

Drop In Night

Date: Friday, May 24
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: GoodSport, 402.5 Richmond Street, London, ON (green tile entrance, South of Dundas)
*Please note our space is unfortunately only accessible by staircase



She is a new collection by KIRBY, Author of Poetry is Queer.

Soft Body Hard Gaze duo exhibition

Pascale Jean and Jermie Rose Wimbrow

With Soft Body, Hard Gaze, artists Pascale Jean and Jeremie Rose Wimbrow juxtapose softness as bodily and sexual realities with the hardness of an analytical look at objectification and identity in the digital age. Through the artists' divergent approaches guided by mutual reflections, the pieces in this dual exhibition turn the personal into the relational, inviting viewers to examine their own embodied experience in the material and virtual worlds.

Queer Clothing Exchange

The Good Sport Gallery and Studio

Join us for a Queer Clothing Exchange. Bring some bags to take some gently used and washed clothes or drop by earlier to donate

Studio Tour 2024

Alyssa Waterbury, Andres Garzon, Dimple Nakhwal, Ian Indiano, Jacqueline Demendeev, Joanna Skiba, Malvika Agarwal, Michelle Marie, Monica Joy, Reilly Knowles, Sammy Orlowski, Seven Morabit, Shannon Taylor-Jones & Zane Pate

The Good Sport Studio Tour is back!

Supply Swap

Good Sport

Kick-off your spring cleaning!
Bring in your gently used art + craft supplies, tools. and equipment to exchange with other artists & creatives.

The Waiting Room

Chloe Serenko (she/ they)

'The Waiting Room' is an exhibition alluding to complicated sentiments formed through shame, grief and existential dread from a recovering catholic to paganist perspective.

Drop-In Night

Good Sport


Live Stream

Adi Berardini

Live Stream by Adi Berardini looks at love, loss, and disenfranchised grief and how time and distance affect the grieving process through a series of paintings...

i become as a bird

Reilly Knowles

i become as a bird, is a solo exhibition by Good Sport member Reilly Knowles inspired by the witchcraft folklore of Southwestern Ontario...


Ian Indiano

You Better Run!

Moira Hayes (they/them)


Natalie Lauchlan (she/her)

marée (meaning the tide) is an exhibition about memory, illness, and gestures of care. It is rooted in craft theory and ontology, as it relates to our relationships between people...


Zane Pate

L.A is Midnight in a World Deserted by Providence;
I can Swim Over and Make it My Own

Mailey Horner

Studio Tour 2023

Malvika Agarwal, Jacqueline Demendeev, Michelle Fleming, Andres Garzon, Ian Indiano, Reilly Knowles, Sammy Orlowski, Zane Pate, Monica Joy Peeff, Joanna Skiba, Shannon Taylor-Jones, Alyssa Waterbury

2022 A Year in Panels

Jacqueline Demendeev, Sammy Orlowski, Jillian Clair, Joanna Skiba, Brenda Fuhrman & Rene Vandenbrink

in and as an ecosystem

Shannon Taylor-Jones

The self becoming an ecosystem and an ecosystem becoming the self...

Sans Visage

Whymark Austen

hairline fracture

Michelle Cieloszczyk

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