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Studio Tour 2023

April 1, 2023

April 2, 2023

Malvika Agarwal, Jacqueline Demendeev, Michelle Fleming, Andres Garzon, Ian Indiano, Reilly Knowles, Sammy Orlowski, Zane Pate, Monica Joy Peeff, Joanna Skiba, Shannon Taylor-Jones, Alyssa Waterbury

12 artists from the local artist group Good Sport celebrated the long-awaited start of spring. In the first weekend of April they opened their studios to the public in their annual Studio Tour.

It was our pleasure to welcome you into our space by taking you on an exciting tour into 12 captivating studio spaces of London’s active emerging artists.

The artists who participated in the 2023 tour included Shannon Taylor-Jones, Andres Garzon, Reilly Knowles, Zane Pate, Joanna Skiba, Michelle Flemming, Jacqueline Demendeev, Monica Joy and Malvika Agarwal, as well as newest members Ian Indiano, Alyssa Waterbury and Sammy Orlowski.

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