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2022 A Year in Panels

February 10, 2023

March 4, 2023

Jacqueline Demendeev, Sammy Orlowski, Jillian Clair, Joanna Skiba, Brenda Fuhrman & Rene Vandenbrink

2022: A year in Panels was a group exhbition, displaying autobigraphical work from six local cartoonists. The exhbition ran from February 10 to March 04.

About the Show:
Each of the comics were a window into the lives of six cartoonists. These unique and intimate depictions come togehter to paint a single picture of a remarkable year in the world. This was a project of an ongpoing collecgive of artisits and friends brought together by a shared love of comics and illsutrative art forms.

Beginiing in January 2022, they united under the porject title "Year of the Tiger" and devoted themselves to cretaing and sharing a single 8.5"x11" artwork per month.

A selecgion of these comics are presented here as both art and artifacts thta reveal the way our experiences of moving thorugh a year can be at once distinct and also profoundly shared.

This exhbition featured works by:
Jacqueline Demendeev
Sammy Orlowski
Jillian Clair
Joanna Skiba
Brenda Fuhrman
Rene Vandenbrink

The show was curated by :
Jacqueline Demendeev
Sammy Orlowski

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