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Vital signs of the non human domain

September 29, 2022

Annabel Biro, Kristine Mifsud, Michelle Wilson, Rain Fenek Bloodworth, Reilly Knowles, Riyam, Shannon Taylor-Jones

Vital Signs of the Non-Human Domain is a collision point for artistic explorations into the scientific world.

Good Sport will be presenting a pop-up exhibition on Dundas Place for the Dundas Place Art Night taking place on Thursday Sep 29, 7-10 pm

The exhibition brings 6 artists together with perspectives on the subject matters of plant biology, microorganisms, cultures, cellular life forms, and the microscopic world that belies our own. In assembling these works and animating them with additional collaboration from science perspectives, visitors are invited to meditate on the magnitude of the world around us and to complicate their understanding of the biological quality we call “life.”

Curated by: Jacqueline Demendeev (@badjacqueline) and Shannon Taylor-Jones

Additional collaboration from: Sheila Macfie, PhD

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