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The Waiting Room

February 16, 2024

March 2, 2024

Chloe Serenko (she/ they)

'The Waiting Room' is an exhibition alluding to complicated sentiments formed through shame, grief and existential dread from a recovering catholic to paganist perspective. Through these artworks, I wish to convey religious iconography in a way that reflects the complexities of change to an individual's core beliefs and morals; exploring how the human vessel interacts with the disembodied soul. ‘The Waiting Room’ creates an environment where the viewer will feel as if they are walking through an interpretation of symbolic purgatory. Developing an explosion of queries about the afterlife and what we choose to believe in. I hope to represent an assemblage of memories instituting a life flashing before their eyes, with this collection of sentimental paintings/ drawings, juxtaposing these hybrid-angelic installation/ sculpture works.
My work seeks to promote a dialogue amongst our greater London community. It strings together a relatable narrative allowing individuals, spiritual or not, who feel disconnected from society to relate to these experiences and feel less alone. Concentrating on coming to terms with this lingering sensation of loss within’ one’s self, the exhibition will focus on memories, emotions and grief from the experience of existence in an uncertain world, which connect us all.

Artist Bio:
Chloe Serenko (she/ they), better known to others as ‘Chloe’ or ‘Chloenko’, is a 21-year-old fine arts student. Their practice is rooted in exploratory approaches to mixed media, painting and sculpture. She is a Canadian artist who grew up in the small town of Bowmanville, Ontario. She currently resides in London Ontario, completing her final year at Western University getting her Honors Specialization BFA in Studio Art. Serenko dedicates herself to her practice by spending long hours in the studio, expanding her knowledge of art history and exploring contemporary multidisciplinary approaches to fine art. Their goal for the future is to improve both their conceptual and technical experimentation in design and fabrication practices.

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