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Yasemin Yalcin

Yasemin Yalcin is a London born artist and the newest member to join the Good Sport Collective Gallery and Studio. She is a Beal Art Alumna and graduate of Fanshawe College’s Advanced Diploma program for Graphic Design. She naturally gravitates to express creativity through drawing, painting, and printmaking. In her work, Yalcin’s intent is to unearth a deeper understanding of herself, her interpretation of the world, and what is meaningful. The subject matter of her work include messages around body-acceptance, a deeper look into socioeconomic systems, and the celebration of Mother Nature. Yalcin enjoys experimenting and exploring the limits of colour, shape, and texture in her work and crafts her pieces aiming to evoke a sense of joy, playfulness and curiosity for the viewer. The aim and focus of her work is to uplift.

Malvika Agarwal
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