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Town & Country Fitness & Racquet Club

November 7, 2015

November 28, 2015

Taylor Doyle

Town & Country Fitness & Racquet Club, gets its name from a former local business and facility that once functioned in London. Taylor's ongoing research looks into the history and the spirit of this once thriving fitness centre, both in its physically deteriorating walls and its residual life. Her combination of found objects, salvaged gym paraphernalia, and her film set on location in collaboration with videographer Nicole Coenen, all come together in her attempt to personally understand and remember the Town and Country.

Taylor Doyle

Taylor Doyle is a video and performance artist whose focus lies in the relationship between (and obsession with) modern fitness regimes and public sexuality, and how the two narrate one another. Taylor is interested in the history of instructional exercise videos and the sweaty little spaces in which we practice communally and individually. Her current work involves the insertion of physical feats of strength and endurance into public spaces, using architecture to inspire athleticism. Taylor’s performances consider gym politics, the aesthetics of the fit body in relation to sexual validity, and workout culture as a history and phenomenon. She has completed her BFA at Western University. Her work has been screened in both London and Toronto, in venues such as Forest City Gallery, Vibrafusionlab, Whippersnapper Gallery, Videofag, Trinity Square Video, and most recently overseas at D’CLINIC studios in Lendava, Slovenia. Taylor has recently become a member of the Good Sport community, a newly-opened studio, exhibition and project space in London, Ontario.

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