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Sense; Affair

March 16, 2017

March 30, 2017

Liz Wierzbicki

Liz Wierzbicki is a multimedia artist and educator living in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is an adjunct instructor at Herron School of Art and Design and a Co-founder and Director of Cat Head Press, a printshop, artist cooperative and gallery space. Working primarily in printmaking and video, Wierzbicki’s work explores notions of intimacy through the interactions and disaffections of our emotions, the body and consciousness. "Sense ; Affair" is a series of work about the relationship between consciousness and the physical self, looking to philosophy and language for responses. There are still no prevailing theories on how the matter of the brain affects or creates thoughts, emotions or experiences. Is the conscious self inexplicable because it is not a part of the material world? Or does language just fail us in communicating the intricacies of emotion?

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