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My Mennonite Mother

July 31, 2021

August 14, 2021

Sarah Bauman

My Mennonite Mother is an ongoing project (2019-present.) The project initially began to learn more about my mother and her family to feel more connected to my heritage, and was later revisited following the passing of my grandmother. Looking through objects, places and faces of my heritage this project seeks to explore and bridge the gap between the past and present, to understand my mother’s upbringing and where I fit in.


Sarah Bauman is a photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. She is best known for her analog work on 35mm and 120 film. Her primary subject matter is portraiture often exploring themes of romantic, platonic and familial relationships, youth, coming of age, memory and the ephemeral. Her images are recognizable from the soft pink, blue and green pastel tones used frequently in her work. Her practice ranges from collage, video, and photo.

Instagram: @ohceaniqque

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