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September 6, 2019

September 8, 2019

Wolfe Girardin Jodoin

Solo exhibition 'iMatter' with Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist Wolfe Girardin Jodoin
September 6-8, 2019
Opening reception September 6, 7-9pm

On any given day, I find myself passively scrolling on a glass surface, losing track of time, ignoring my painful posture, tired eyes and brimming bladder. I resurface and shift my focus to the space beyond the screen in my hand – how long has it been? I feel alone, slightly anxious, and disappointed in my lack of discipline. There is a gap I’m trying to fill, a yearning for information, for pleasure, for social interaction, for romance or guidance; this vague and wavering absence is insatiable. My devices are always on hand to escort a journey, clear an inquiry, entertain or connect me to distant heeders of the call. I find myself checking my smartphone to avoid interacting with the people around me at a party. I am late for a date because I am so captivated by my newsfeed that I lose track of time. I post videos to my public Instagram Story, for no one in particular. I am co- present to both my immediate environment and virtual realm, neither here nor there. The psychosocial issues, stemming from what I see as a rapidly growing smartphone dependency amongst my peers, have formed the basis of my most recent artistic research.

Wolfe Girardin Jodoin graduated from Concordia University in Studio Arts in 2016 and has since done artist residencies in Australia and Spain, with exhibitions in Canada and Australia. He works mainly in painting, drawing, murals, video, spoken word, sound design, and sculpture.

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