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Good Sport Turns 5!

September 12, 2020

September 26, 2020

Megan Arnold, Allison D (Ocean in Space), Jamie Dronyk, Jill Emeny, Andres Garzon, Moira Hayes, Ben Morin, Zane Pate, Faith Patrick, Monica Joy Peeff, Allyson Proulx (lefty smudges), Joanna Skiba, Ruth Skinner, Shannon Taylor-Jones, Abby Vincent, and Kris Web

In 2015, Good Sport was founded by artists Brad Isaacs, Sophie Quick, Ruth Skinner, and Abby Vincent as a studio, exhibition, and project space in London at 256 Richmond St. As a gallery and studio space that exists for the development and exhibition of emerging artists, Good Sport is entirely member driven as an art collective. Over the past five years, Good Sport has had over twenty members who have each uniquely contributed to the exhibitions, events, and community of the space. Often working behind the scenes, these are the artists who have collaboratively created and cultivated this space. Good Sport turns 5! is a chance to recognize and give space to our members. Sixteen artists - eight current members and eight past members - have contributed their work to this group exhibition.

2020 has been a year of extraordinary challenge and change for many, and Good Sport is no exception. Facing the need to leave our original location, this exhibition marks the opening of what we have affectionately nicknamed ‘New Sport’ - our new location at 402.5 Richmond St. This exhibition is a chance to reflect on these past five years and the dozens of exhibitions, projects, and events that were presented at our first location (now affectionately known as ‘Old Sport’) while we now look forward, at the opportunities that lie ahead.

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