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Forest City?

June 3, 2017

June 11, 2017

K_no_w Collective

"Forest City?" is an exploration of London, Ontario's precarious identity, witnessed through the conduit of photography. As new communities form and old ones are reshaped, the viability of London's long-held "Forest City" moniker comes into question: As its namesake forests are being eroded in a quest for growth, so too is its collective identity. K_no_w Collective's "Forest City?" is an introspective search for where this city stands now, and where it may in the future.

"Forest City?" is presented as two simultaneous events; installation within Good Sport, and public installation (wheat-pastes and projections) within the surrounding community. We encourage you to explore both!

Conversation, photographs, maps and more! This is a community event for people of all ages and stripes.

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