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Fond Flora

June 24, 2017

July 7, 2017

Alayna Hryclik

London based artist Alayna Hryclik’s first solo show. fond flora explores how textiles can be manipulated into the suggestion of plant matter and act as a physical manifestation of the emotional ties humans forge with their houseplants.

An emotional process of nurturing goes into every successful relationship with a potted plant. Alayna Hryclik aims to honour the ways in which plants are cared for. Her recent artistic explorations have looked to inspiration from plant life for their resilience and beauty. Capturing the realistic essence of a houseplant through cutting, arranging and collaging various textiles; fabrics and felt, she explores the ways in which the growth of plants mimic her own.

These works would not exist without the support of her surroundings in the same ways that plants cannot exist without the support of their root structures. Her works aim to be self critical and referential with a focus on celebrating the nurturing side of human behaviour.

As a continuing series her plant portraits highlight various aspects of plant care within each piece with a focus on how plants change; how their caretakers effect that change.

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