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Donate to Lamis, Feras and Family Rescue Fund

Manhel Malhi

Hello, my name is Manhel Malhi from the United States. The goal of this fund is to raise money for Lamis (20 yrs), Feras (19 yrs) and her family, and get them out of Gaza and into Egypt.

Her and her family lost their home since 10/7 and were displaced to a tent in Rafah. The immediate goal of the fund is directed to get Lamis, and her brother, Feras (19 yrs old) into Egypt, get settled and complete their college degrees. Prior to losing their home, Lamis completed 1 year of college at Al Azhar University with the goal of becoming a medical student.

The remaining goal of the fund, and equally important, would be to get her mother, father and two brothers, Qais and Mohamed, into Egypt as well. For those that are unaware, Gaza has been decimated and there is no colleges or universities remaining to complete any college education. There is a lack of clean water, food and people are having to live off of donations and aid. Due to the severity of the situation, Feras, also has contracted Hepatitis A due to the current living situation.

It cost $5k just to get an individual out of Gaza and into Egypt. Then $40k for a degree at an Egypt university, plus about $300/month for rent/living expenses. The funds will be used to cover these expenses. The funds will be dispersed to the Lamis and her family via PayPal account.

Lamis and I meet via Facebook and it has been extremely difficult to hear about their current situation. Prior to 10/7, Lamis was going to college while working at the university as well. Feras had just started his 1st year of college also. All things considered, they were in a much better situation than their current status.
I've always been taught to help those in need when possible. It's been an eye opener since 10/7 to watch what 2m people are going through at the moment. I've had to look beyond my 1st world problems to helps those that are being completely ignored.

As it's understandable that times are hard for many out there, if you are not able to donate, could you please be so kind and share this link with others.

We very much appreciate your considerations and time for reading about Lams and her

Thank you!

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