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in and as an ecosystem

Shannon Taylor-Jones

Studio Detour

Malvika Agarwal, Jacqueline Demendeev, Michelle Fleming, Andres Garzon, Monica Joy, Reilly Knowles, Zane Pate, Joanna Skiba, Shannon Taylor-Jones and Yasemin Yalçın

Sans Visage

Whymark Austen

Vital signs of the non-human form

Annabel Biro (annababybiro)

Kristine Mifsud (@kmifsud1000)

Michelle Wilson (@michellemargaretwilson)

Rain Fenek Bloodworth (@rainbloodworth)

Reilly Knowles (@reilly_knowles)

Riyam (@riyam.jpg)

Shannon Taylor-Jones (staylorjonesart)

No Soy El Sol Que Quema (I Am Not The Sun That Burns)

Andrés Garzon

Vital signs of the non-human form in and as an ecosystem

Annabel Biro, Kristine Mifsud, Michelle Wilson, Rain Fenek Bloodworth, Reilly Knowles, Riyam, Shannon Taylor-Jones

Knotting, Netting, Connecting

Sharmistha Kar, Gabriella Solti

hairline fracture

Michelle Cieloszczyk


Charly Baxter, Jordan Clayton, Nicole Crozier with Sanita Fejzic, Alyssa Ellis, Samantha Gullekson, Laura Keeling, Holly MacKinnon, Miles Rufelds, Adrienne Scott, Quintin Teszeri, Yiling Wang, and Emma Welch


Tia Bennett and Constance Osuchowski

No New Thing Under The Sun

Sofia Berger

My Mennonite Mother

Sarah Bauman

Store in a warm, dark place

Jacqueline Demendeev, Andres Garzon, Zane Pate, Monica Joy Peeff, Shannon Taylor-Jones, Kris Web


Allison D. "Ocean In Space"

You Are A Weed Get Out Of My Garden

Jill Emeny

Good Sport Turns 5!

Megan Arnold, Allison D (Ocean in Space), Jamie Dronyk, Jill Emeny, Andres Garzon, Moira Hayes, Ben Morin, Zane Pate, Faith Patrick, Monica Joy Peeff, Allyson Proulx (lefty smudges), Joanna Skiba, Ruth Skinner, Shannon Taylor-Jones, Abby Vincent, and Kris Web


Allana Clarke, Carrie Fonder, Steve Giasson, Myriam Jacob-Allard, Julie Lequin, Kelly Lloyd, and Nathaniel Wong

How can I help you?

Monica Joy Peeff

The Practice of Gratitude

Bethany Deboer

to all the work i’ve thrown away before… wish you were here​

Kris Web

A Space For Soft Sculpture Installation

Sarah Lanteigne


Abbey Blake


Wolfe Girardin Jodoin

this is not an ending

Shannon Taylor-Jones

24 Concrete Panels

Heather E Carey

The Crooked Nail

Stephanie Amatori, Madelon DeCecco, and Devon Lowrie

California Dreamin'

Alyssa Pisciotto

Mother Ratis

Lanh Hrafn, Rin Vanderhaeghe

Great Beasts of the Dark Wood

Jacqueline Demendeev

Food Sport

Paul Abeleira, Whymark Austen, Tamar Bresge, Nickolas Cornwall, Allison Del Vecchio, Jacqueline Demendeev, Amelia Does, Joseph Farrugia, Laura Keeling, Justin Langille, Sarah Lanteigne Ozwel, Ryann Le Clair, Danielle Longfield, Connor MacKinnon, Jennifer Martin, Sarah Moreau, Ben Morin, Zane Pate, Alyssa Pisciotto, Kayla Polan, Lydia Santia, Becca Serena, Joanna Skiba, Shannon Taylor-Jones, Rin Vanderhaeghe, Isabella Vesely

Out of the Blue

Alyssa Pisciotto, Andres Garzon, Ashley Lo Russo, Bethany Deboer, Emily Michailidis, Felix Muxwahl, Hannan Fayad, Helena Ahn, Janine Wheeler, Lauren Prousky, Michael Thompson, Michelle Foran, Monica Peeff, Samantha Halingten, Sarah Bauman, Sasha Opeiko and Shannon Taylor-Jones.

Karaoke is My Part Time Job

Ley Lines

Reilly Knowles, Sarah Desmarais, Andrew Fraser

we are all cartoons in a cartoon world

Brenda Fuhrman

Warrior B!tch

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Steve Ruthe


Sasha Opeiko & Martin Stevens

Time Fragments

Hannan Fayad


Zoe Courtis, Emily Schuyler, Ariel Williams


Blue Alexander, Julia Castrogiovanni, Stephanie Creaghan, Andrew Fraser, Emily Michailidis, Faith Patrick, Angie Quick, Rin Vanderhaeghe, Coral White

Fond Flora

Alayna Hryclik

good to the last drop

Lucas Cabral


Joanna Skiba

Forest City?

K_no_w Collective

What is Left? What is Right?

Pitseolak Ashoona, Florence Carlyle, Leila Fatemi, Davita Guslits, Rachel Hahn, Sara Hartland-Rowe, Jamelie Hassan, Tsēma Igharas, Serena Lee, Maegan Rose Mehler, Angie Quick, Karalyn Reuben, Winnie Truong

Sense; Affair

Liz Wierzbicki

bath jam: a celebration of self care

Natalie King, Wil Brask, Toni Lomax


Michael Becker-Segal, Kevin Campbell Parker, Ronnie Clarke, Rachel Hahn, Jenna Fifield, Joanna Skiba, Jill Smith, Rebecca Sun, Val Vallejo


Alisha Davidson, Christopher Dupon-Martinez, Luke VanHeerwaarden, Sophia Zhu

Spirit Transformations

Nico Williams

Better Weather

Rima Sater


Fortress of Solitude

Owen Marshall

Heroes of Anti-Mobility

Jenna Faye Powell

Trudeaupia; or, on a dark night I left my silent house

Matthew Purvis

Sixth Date

Stephen Mueller


Sam Noseworthy

Coping Statements

Megan Arnold

If It Makes You Happy (It Can't Be That Bad)

Elise Boudreau Graham

A Study in Ruin

Angie Quick

Town & Country Fitness & Racquet Club

Taylor Doyle

What Do You Want?


Jamie Dronyk & Faith Patrick

Big Whoop

Matthew Ryan Smith

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