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No new thing under the sun 

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No new thing under the sun 
Sofia Berger

Good Sport

August 20-28, 2021

Sofia Berger is interested in what it means to be an immigrant raised in a home built upon traditional and severely  outdated values. She is exploring the effects of having lived in a war-torn country, investigating  themes of conflict, politics and womanhood. She is looking at these themes and observing how they stress or disrupt the notion of home. Much of her work is sourced from moments within local  Serbian history, questioning its representation, or lack thereof, in the eyes of the western public. Her  choice of conventional imagery questions how personal experiences influence upbringing and views of  the world, exploring its connotations within contemporary time. With the aid of archival materials, gender  roles, and ingrained stereotypical attitudes, she is utilizing art making processes to question cultural norms. Sofia Berger intends to utilize art as a  tool to further the accessibility of lived experiences when other communication systems seem out of reach. 

Her work has been exhibited at The Hole NYC, Small Arms Inspection Building, Western University, OCAD U, and at Good Sport. She has taken part in the Collision Gallery x Akin Studio Residency, and is the recipient of the Ontario Arts Council's Visual Arts Creation Grant, Toronto Art Foundation’s Launchpad Artscape Bursary and the Mississauga Arts Council Visual Arts Grant. Sofia will be attending Rhode Island School of Design's MFA Painting program this fall.

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for supporting this work.

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