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bath jam: a celebration of self care

Natalie King, Wil Brask, Toni Lomax

October 27th – November 17th, 2017


Good Sport is proud to present Toronto artists Natalie King, Wil Brask, and Toni Lomax’s exhibition bath jam: a celebration of self-care.

From their collective mouth(s)/mind(s): “This project was a collaborative effort of conveying self-care and vulnerability. In our conversations about self-love we thought about the spaces and moments in time where each of us have reflected upon our lives and rejuvenated our energies. We collectively agreed that the ritual of bathing oneself is this moment of relief. A quiet moment when you are alone with your thoughts or a private space to feel vulnerable is important in the ritual of self-care. We use mirrors as a tool/reflective act of confronting oneself and giving your mind and body the acceptance it needs but is not always given. These places of queer vulnerability and love are important in sustaining oneself and continuing the journey of self-love and inner strength.”

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