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Sixth Date

Stephen Mueller

June 17th–July 16th, 2016


What if Barthes’ punctum is never in the image itself but beyond its frame, the absence of the image, the space between images, the back of the paper, the lack of representation, the invisible body? What if VR is a net cast to concretize time, to confuse interval and duration, to corral the noisiness of movement? What if we’re like these things you’re collecting, obsolete leftovers with no discernible history, no traceable past apart from our own experiences, our own failing memories? What if that was okay? What if we become so accustomed to being collected that we forget what invisibility feels like? What if we thought we couldn’t be discarded? What if we treasured loss? What if I never made it to your house? What then?

• • •

A native of Windsor, Ontario, Stephen Mueller lives and works in Toronto. He holds an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Calgary and he is currently a project-based PhD candidate in Art and Visual Culture at Western University in London. His performance-based installation work has been exhibited nationally in solo and group exhibitions from Victoria to St. John’s.

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